The appearance of Chat GPT has attracted attention worldwide. It is a language simulator of artificial intelligence made up of a series of programming algorithms whose specially designed interface allows conversation with end-users. While further progress in artificial intelligence raises questions about the future of various professions, it is necessary to particularly consider its impact on the legal profession. In this sense, the main advantage is certainly the ability to process large amounts of data inherent in legal work in a shorter time. Additionally, this system simplifies a range of tasks in the long term, such as contract analysis, file review, as well as searching, collecting, and evaluating relevant legal documentation. The possibility of human error, especially in performing generic tasks, is thus reduced to a minimum, ensuring accuracy and precision. All of this leads to long-term increases in efficiency and optimization of business tasks, allowing lawyers to save time and resources and enabling them to devote more attention to their clients. However, it is important to emphasize that artificial intelligence and its accompanying language model only appear as a tool to assist lawyers, and not to replace them. Specifically, artificial intelligence does not have the ability to understand the full scope of the

legal system and its accompanying legal solutions. Additionally, the essence of law as a social discipline is primarily human interaction, which inherently involves ethics and individualization of approach.

Finally, although artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a part of the everyday narrative of the modern world and, accordingly, finding more frequent application in legal work, it still only appears as an aid to humans who remain at the center of the business world. Despite all the advantages that modern technology brings, it is impossible to replace a lawyer with years of experience and thorough knowledge of legal regulations and a personalized approach to clients.

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